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new record "Faces" available now.


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- Creative Loafing

“Timeless and contemporary … utilizes a classic pop formula to perfection, making it sound fresh and vibrant.”

- PopMatters

"Fifties girl group crooning and echo chamber drums, '60s wall of sound, '70s California canyon sway, '80s laser-sharp production, '90s alt-country twang, Aughts vocal callbacks from Neko Case to Jenny Lewis to Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. … Cherry-picks from 50 years of influences.”

- NPR’s All Songs Considered

"Haunting and emotional ... on par with Jenny Lewis’ best.”

- Vents Magazine

“Complex … plays around with the idea of dual identity and masking oneself. Tape echo and Leslie swirl effects lend a musical symmetry to the lyrics’ tangled feelings.”

- The Village Voice

"This very personal record deals heavily with the changing perspectives, personal growth and self-discovery that come during one’s 20s. ... A timeless retro-pop sound in the spirit of Natalie Prass.”

- Hear Ya

“Sydney Eloise & the Palms yearn for the golden age of pop—the ‘60s and ‘70s when Phil Spector reigned king—and they’re doing their best to put a modern spin on it. Mixing that with current influences like Rilo Kiley and up-and-coming indie darling Natalie Prass, Sydney’s debut album Faces is filled with lush instrumentation and whimsical vocal harmonies led by her sultry voice.”

- PureVolume

"Music that borders on timelessness with ingredients of alt-country, soul and rock led by a pitch perfect voice.”

- Glide Magazine

“Ambles along like the dusky moods of Neko Case dragged through some valerian root.”


“A classic pop meets early '00s indie-folk feel. … Sydney Eloise's warm, clear voice, with its Southern inflection, remains the focal point.”

- Culture Collide

"Eloise’s voice and indie-pop style is reminiscent of Jenny Lewis but flourishes of psychedelia and a Phil Spector-style wall of sound distinguish 'Always Sailing' from the pack—it's the perfect pop song to end the summer with.”

- Surviving the Golden Age

“Like Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino fronting Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Sydney Eloise’s sugary sweet vocals are blanketed by the Palms’ well-layered melodies and wistful rhythms.” 

- Immersive Atlanta